Marianne LuykMarianne Luyk

For the past ten years Marianne Luyk has created wall pieces and free-standing metal objects.  She works primarily with copper and solder. Her skills with solder come from her previous career of stained glass art.   She solders a surface embellishment on to the copper tree forms to create bark.  She loves what she describes as the freedom of working with metal.

Marianne describes her art process as a family affair.  My 18 year old helps me strip the copper down.  My nine and ten year old’s help me in any way I’ll let them.  My 20 year old and Mom and husband are my biggest cheer leaders.  My Dad is my partner in grime; he goes to the salvage yard with me and helpsme dig through the piles of steel junk for items in my new salvage series of art.

I use life in general for my inspiration.  I love nature, which helps me get ideas for my copper creations.  I also enjoy using humor in my work.  Laughter is very important to me.