J.L. NipperJ. L. Nipper

J. L. Nipper was born 1935, in Moore County, Tennessee.

It was about the year 1984 that J. L. Nipper decided to visit the noted chainsaw artist, Homer Green.  J. L. was hoping to learn Homer’s craft.  Though Homer was dubious, he instructed J. L. to buy a chainsaw and come back the next day. At first, Homer laughed at J. L.’s creative attempts, but J. L. persisted and soon J. L. was cutting out many of Homer Green’s creatures for him.  The two men became close friends, and when Homer passed away, J. L. continued to make the dotted chainsaw animals that made Homer and J. L. famous.

J. L. has a keen sense of humor and his artwork is a reflection of it.  His colorful animals make people smile, but J. L. still feels surprised that so many people want his work. “What do they do with it?” he asks.  He stays busy though, and with the help of his dedicated wife, Marie, he tries to keep up with the demand.