Jon Whiddon Jon Whiddon

Jon Whiddon was born in Perry, Georgia on December 21, 1960 and passed away February 20, 2008.

He began painting in the summer of 1999 while living in Athens and in the Fall of that year moved to his grandfather’s farm near Tifton to care for his father who had suffered a stroke. During his father’s convalescence Jon became serious about his painting. From his strong feelings about the tragic events at Waco, Texas and his compassion for the victims came the seeds for some of his earliest works. In South Georgia, he began to explore the landscape he had known as a child and to form a new appreciation for its vast sky and linear farmland. Using a palette of saturated color and strong, active brushstrokes he began to represent what he saw and felt in the land. In his words, “I am interested in examining the South in a new way let me show the South as it is today.”