Patrick DavisPatrick Davis

Patrick Davis was born March 29, 1943, in Guyana, South America.

After living in England for 10 years, Patrick Davis moved to Houston, Texas in 1971. Davis began to make art after having had a variety of unsatisfying jobs. Using an assortment of materials, Davis assembles paper mache figures which he then clothes with paper from magazines, National Geographic being his favorite. His finishing touch is often tiny snakeskin scales, which he uses as fingernails and toenails. His elegantly posed figures are usually topped with a large hat, which Davis says he makes first and “the rest just comes to me.”

Patrick Davis is featured in Chuck and Jan Rosenak’s Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century American Folk Art and Artists and Bettye Carol Sellen’s book, 20th Century American Folk, Self-Taught, and Outsider Art, where one of his figures graces the book’s cover.