Roy MinshewRoy Minshew

Roy Minshew was born in Fitzgerald, GA on February 28, 1950. He still resides and works in his hometown.

Roy began woodworking and carving as a hobby in his late 20’s and when he became unemployed, he decided to give a try to converting his sideline into full time work. He succeeded. He has now been making a living by creating critter sculptures from his home workshop for over 30 years.

Roy loves dogs and always has one if not three or four and loves to carve them into various poses and lying down, sitting up, curled up, lolling about, begging for a treat with eyes one can’t resist. Sometimes Roy’s dogs fly with copper wings and angel dogs in honor of canine friends he’s lost.

A lover of wildlife, Roy also carves rabbits and foxes and any kind of animal one might find in the Georgia woods. He primarily works with yellow pine, paints with acrylic and finishes his pieces with a coat of lacquer.

His celebrity collectors include Faye Dunaway, Sandra Bullock, Olympia Dukakis and Mariah Carey.