David Tripp

David Tripp was born on November 8, 1958 in Binghamton, New York.

He was 19 when he decided to team up with his brother to build furniture. His brother had graduated from the New England School of Design and was
eager to begin a line of original furniture. David did not think of himself as a creative individual other than his poetry but with his brother’s encouragement, they started a company.

From humble beginnings, they grew and eventually had showrooms in many cities. In time, David had a change of heart in big business and big success
weren’t rewarding for him. In 1998 he hiked the Appalachian Trail from FL. to GA. After stopping in the mountains to visit family, he decided to stay and explore his creative side.  He wanted to work on his own and make one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. As he says, I ran into a piece of chestnut and it changed my life!î

David’s furniture today is a blend of contemporary and rustic. He takes down old barns and homesteads and salvages the wood. He also reclaims fallen trees
from the mountain forests. His style is always evolving; he loves the challenge of always creating something new.