Weyman Evans

Weyman Evans was born on October 27, 1929 in Morrow, GA.

He was raised working with his Dad in the family sawmill and learned his carpentry skills at a young age.  He’s had many careers including three decades in the restaurant business.  When he retired, Weyman began buying properties to renovate, several of which he turned into inns.  He filled the inns with rustic furniture of his own design and found that lots of folks had an interest in owning a piece of his furniture.  That was the beginning of Weyman’s current retirement career building tables, benches and bookcases for the home.

These rustic pieces start as logs which Weyman has “ripped” at the sawmill.  He brings them to his shop in rough form to dry and then sands them before he begins to build.  He goes into the woods to find twisted Mountain Laurel that he can harvest for table legs and accents.  Each piece is a reflection of the woods of North Georgia.