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Diane Elmeer

Diane Elmeer contemporary artist, photoStatement from Diane:
“I have been a practicing artist/educator for 48 years.  I work and reside with my husband John Caterall in Tampa, Fl. and Story, Wyoming.

Currently, I am working on a series of narrative paintings creating a personal cosmos shaped by illustration, myth and visual history.  The forms of humans, animals, flowers, insects, and trees that populate the paintings are constructed through an effort of imagination and a vigilant observation of the complexity of the visual world.

My primary goal as an artist is to engage the audience in a viewing process that simulates the making of the painting(s) utilizing a perceptual mode that examines anew that which is familiar.”

Note: There is no additional charge for shipping/handling inside the continental U.S., except where noted on individual pieces of artwork. Tax is charged to Georgia buyers only.