Patty Bonner

Patty Bonner was born and lived in the historic coastal town of Salem, MA for 35 years.  Her New England hometown, filled with quaint and historic buildings, homes, and lighthouses, has served as an inspiration for the paintings she now creates.  She loved drawing as a child and grew up in an artistic household where she was always encouraged to express herself.

Though Patty now lives in Florida, her fond memories and love of Salem are still evident in her special Halloween-themed paintings.  Her paintings invoke memories of happy times, children trick-or-treating, taking a stroll downtown or along the coast, and of family get-togethers.

Patty has a passion for vintage horror movies and enjoys depicting elements from them in her work. She also loves details and includes as many as possible in her paintings. Patty believes that each time you look at one of her paintings, “there is a good chance you may see something new, possibly even yourself! “

Patty’s art has been featured in Nova Scotia and her painting ”Trick or Treat in Salem,” is on display at the Halloween Museum in Salem, MA.

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