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Danette Sperry

… was born November 14, 1962, in Schenectady, NY.

Danette Sperry lives in a small town in northeast Georgia with her husband, folk artist John Sperry. They both love primitive antiques and art.  Their charming farmhouse-style home is filled with their own art and other art they have collected over the years.

Danette has been creative since childhood.  For the last 20 years or so, she has been a full-time artist making primitive furniture (farm tables, islands, etc.), sculptures (using reclaimed wood with vintage found objects), and paintings.

Recently, Danette Sperry has been concentrating on embellishing her paintings with a plaster-like medium (her own special mixture).  Before painting, she applies her thick medium and using fine pottery tools, she sculpts extraordinary detail into the surface.  Her goal is a 3D relief effect bringing out the characteristics of her subjects with raised images and textures. Each piece averages about two months from start to finish.

Danette’s favorite subjects are angels and animals (especially birds and dogs) but almost any idea in her head may turn up on a painting.   Creating art and making people smile fills her with happiness. Her pieces can be found in several galleries and many private collections.

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