Weyman Evans

Weyman Evans was born October 27, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Weyman’s father owned a sawmill and growing up, Weyman spent much of his time around lumber. Years later, after retiring from the restaurant business, he and his wife Theda bought a bed and breakfast inn near Clayton, Georgia. The inn needed furniture, and at Theda’s urging, Weyman began making tables, bed frames and chairs from local wood in the traditional rustic style of the mountains. Guests began asking Weyman to make things for them, and Weyman found a new hobby. Fifteen years later, the B and B long sold, Weyman is still making furniture. Theda says it “keeps him busy and off the streets.”

Weyman purchases whole logs of white pine or walnut from a nearby sawmill. The logs are specially cut for him into thick, irregularly shaped slabs from which he makes his table tops. He harvests Mountain Laurel branches and trees for the legs by foraging in the woods near his home.

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