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Amy Lansburg

Amy Lansburg folk artistAmy creates her evocative sculptures using driftwood that she gathers along the
shoreline of Lake Michigan, the world’s largest freshwater body. A native Michigander, Amy finds inspiration in this wood, usually hardwood that has been preserved by the lake’s cold and deep waters. She says some of the pieces she finds have been submerged for more than a century. And given how smooth they have become from rock and sand abrasion, that’s easy to believe.

The driftwood comes with great character, but it’s Amy’s eye and woodworking skill that coaxes this raw material into art! Amy began as a self-taught furniture maker. Small chairs,  later evolved into figurative pieces, which is the primary focus of her current work.  Working with natural materials, Amy says, has been a journey in personal growth. Patience, perseverance, and determination have all been tested in the process. Often a humbling process, she has found that what, in the past, she would have considered a mistake is simply a path to a new idea.

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