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Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson folk artistMark Stevenson was born in 1955, in California.

Indulged with art supplies as a child, Mark Stevenson filled his first paintings with mythic scenes, dreams, and adventures of a happy, wild boy. Life changed dramatically for him at the age of ten when his parents divorced. He relocated with his Mom who remarried, and years of step-father abuse followed. Mark lived in the attic and basement except when he could escape from home.

Mark fled at 15, quit school at 16, and met the woman of his dreams shortly thereafter. He began painting again. Without any art training, Stevenson’s recognizable style began to emerge in his late teens. “I have not stopped painting since. It is who I am, not just what I do. I feel compelled to make art my life’s work because I have important things to share. Each piece expresses something of me that I cannot express in words. I want people to see the beauty of ordinary things.”

At thirty-two Mark suffered an accident that left him partially crippled. What seemed a tragedy at the time, taught him important lessons and gave him more time to paint. “There was a need to express my inner-most thoughts and feelings in the colors and texture of oils and canvas,” says Stevenson. “Line and shape are distorted to create a sense of movement, depth, and fun.” Mark wants to paint pictures that express who he is. He says his goal is to “bring joy, fun, and beauty to the world.”

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