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Martha Sandlin

Photo of Martha SandlinMartha Sandlin, a native of Rome, GA, believes she was born to make art. One of her first childhood memories was observing the pretty iridescent colors in the wings of a housefly. From that day forward, she was fascinated by beautiful colors.

At age 9, Martha began playing the piano and later joined the Atlanta Community Orchestra. While living in Atlanta, she also accumulated numerous college degrees but never participated in formal art training. After several years of travel and working for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, she returned home and married her high school sweetheart. The couple moved to Cave Spring, GA, and had one son who tragically committed suicide at age 18.

About 25 years ago, Martha was cleaning the house when suddenly she felt an overwhelming desire to make something. Her family thought art was a waste of time and money, but nothing could stop her and soon her house began filling up with her creations. Money was never a motivating factor for Martha, but she told her husband she would sell something. He remained skeptical until she astonished him by selling her first piece. Today, happily, she has his unwavering support.

When Martha paints, she says she loses track of time and loses herself in the process.  At first, she held back thinking she had to see a whole picture in her mind, but then she learned that if she just put one image of something she liked on a page, she could weave a picture around it “kind of like embroidering.”

Creating helps Martha cope with her loss.  She thinks of her son every day and feels his supernatural presence when she creates. “I believe it is the supernatural that helps me figure out how to do things.”

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Artwork By Martha Sandlin