Rudolph Valentino Bostic

Rudolph Valentino Bostic folk ArtistWe received sad news June 4, 2021 from Rudy’s sister, Carolyn.  Rudy had passed away that morning.  He was a talented and gentle man. We will greatly miss him.

Rudolph Valentino Bostic was born August 16, 1944, in Savannah, Georgia.

As a young boy, Rudy had few toys and resorted to making his own.  At the age of 17, he was asked to draw some religious paintings to be displayed in the church.  To save on expense, he used cardboard and house paint.  He was a prolific artist who persisted in the use of cardboard because of it’s smooth surface.

Rudy Bostic was deeply religious and his favorite subjects were scenes from the bible.  Occasionally, however, he would branch out into something he saw on television; circus animals, cowboys, and Paris or Venice.  He had great enthusiasm for his art and loved to share his vision with others.

Rudolph V. Bostic has gained recognition as a talented self-taught artist and is included in the collection of The Mennello Museum Of American Folk Art, in Orlando, Florida.

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