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Jake McCord

Jake McCord ArtistJake McCord was born Dec. 28, 1948, and passed away Sept.1, 2011 in Thomson GA where he lived most of his life.

In 1984, Jake saw “some white ladies taking painting lessons at the Hawes Paint Store” and decided to try it himself. His first subject was an alligator he saw on television, a source which he frequently used for inspiration.

Jake liked to “showcase” his art on his front porch and he was immovable about the amount of time a piece needed to be displayed before it could be sold. No one ever successfully persuaded him to sell a painting before “it was ready to go.” That policy included movie stars who came to see him and often left empty-handed.

His bold humorous paintings were typically painted on plywood boards and characteristically contain a nail hole at the top where Jake would drive a nail through the painting to attach it to the weathered wood siding on his front porch. His favorite subjects were cats, dogs, horses and women with big hairdos.

Jake’s work is included in many private collections and has been featured at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center in Virginia and the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.

Watch this youtube video of Jake McCord discussing his art.

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