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Pippa Seichrist

Pippa Seichrist Dog Face Jug Pottery“My husband loves face jugs and he started collecting them. I don’t especially like face jugs; on the other hand that gave me an idea, I decided to make a face jug we would both like. We both love dogs. And always have too many. We have a king size bed. We need a kennel size bed. Somehow strays find us and we always open our door. At our house, dog hair is a fashion statement.”

“When dogs gaze into your eyes it’s their way of hugging you. If you’re a dog person you can tell what your dog is thinking just by looking at their face or their ears. I love capturing these expressions. The angle of an ear, shape of an eye and silliness of a tongue hanging out of the side of a mouth.”

“I made all of our dogs into dog jugs and wanted to make more. I asked strangers, whose dogs had great faces, if I could photograph their dogs. I made those into jugs. People started commissioning me to do dog face jugs of their pups. One couple commissioned me to do their dog and now display it next to their Damian Hirst painting!”

“Making things has always made me happy: paintings, photos, videos, stories, murals, collages, chairs, pottery and now dog face jugs. When I’m not making dog face jugs or something else, I’m a wife, mother to two adopted children and run Miami Ad School, a school for advertising and design.”

– Pippa Seichrist, Atlanta/Clayton, GA

The dog pottery pieces shown below are samples of commissions.  If you would like Pippa to make a custom jug portrait of your dog, please contact us for more information via the button on one of the pages below.


Note: There is no additional charge for shipping/handling inside the continental U.S., except where noted on individual pieces of artwork. Tax is charged to Georgia buyers only.