Don BundrickDon Bundrick

Don Bundrick was born on June 7, 1954 in Albany, GA.

Following graduation from the Univ. of Georgia, Don worked as a dorm counselor at the Tallulah Falls School, in the mountains of N. Georgia.
Though he had created willow furniture in college, he became interested in the rustic, traditional style Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel furniture which had been created by students since the twenties. With new materials and new design ideas, he began a career of furniture building which has spanned 30 years.

Don does not have an art background but clearly an artistic eye. He calls it self-developed.î He works with found materials man made and natural and uses rocks, tin, copper, old iron findings, old wood, paint and with this variety of materials creates chairs, tables, swings, beds, armoires, and cabinets.  He says his style goes from mild to wild he can recreate historic pieces and do traditional work, but he’s also happy to do whimsical, fun and over the top art pieces.