Dorethey Gorham

Dorethey Gorham was born August 2, 1949, in Ft. Hood, Texas.

Throughout her life, Dorethey has been artistically inclined and loved to draw, crochet and cross-stitch. This she even managed to do while raising a family. Arthritis eventually forced Dorethey to give up her detailed handwork and in 1995, after seeing a magazine article about folk art she was inspired to try her hand at painting. The rest, as they say, is history. Although a relative newcomer to the field of outsider and self-taught art her work has quickly gained a large following and is highly sought after in the southeast as well as across the country.

As an artist who is deeply religious, Dorethey expresses in her work, her love of family, friends, and place as well as the depth of her religious beliefs. All of these elements are communicated in works that are serious statements often put forth with great humor and always with visual detail. Her colorful landscapes present panoramas and vistas of community life and spiritual realms that are alive with activity and joy. In her interior scenes, we see intimate glimpses of family life, which often relate the importance of children as its center. In both venues, the viewer senses Dorethey’s belief in the absolute connection between man/woman and God in even the most basic aspects of everyday life.

Joy is evident in her work. The bold colors and attention to detail spill out of the paintings and on to the frames. The simplicity of a flat painting style lends itself to an expression of controlled exuberance and applied design. From angels circling above to pigs with fluffy white wings, the sublime to the ridiculous, Dorethey’s work speaks volumes about living and enjoying life.

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Artwork By Dorethey Gorham

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