Woodie Long

Woodie Long was born October 19, 1942, in Plant City, Florida.  He passed away on October 29, 2009, in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Woodie Long was one of twelve children born to a sharecropper who abandoned his family when Woodie was a teenager. Woodie was able to finish high school by attending night classes. In 1977, he was making a living as a house painter and traveled to Saudi Arabia with a construction company. There he met Dot, his present wife. The couple eventually returned to the USA, and in 1985, they enrolled in classes at the local junior college in Alabama.  Woodie was playing banjo for the school ensemble, and Dot was majoring in art. One day, in 1987, Woodie happened by one of Dot’s art classes where a visiting artist was demonstrating abstract painting. Woodie was enthralled. A fire had been lit, and Woodie began to paint.  Dot recognized Woodie’s talent and encouraged him to become an artist. Today, Woodie is noted for his colorful, free-flowing paintings that captivate the audience with their directness and freedom of expression.

Woodie was a prolific artist who is represented by many galleries and whose work is widely collected.

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